Do You Prefer a Van or a Ute for Work?

A debate on whether a ute or a van is better for work has been raging for years, if not decades! By sight, they seem drastically different and to understand the apparent differences; you need to look at the large inventory of LDV van and LDV ute for sale. A ute boasts an open bed and off-road skills, while the van can be proud of its enclosed area ideal for town or city driving.

On the other hand, both vehicles offer similar benefits. For example, they both have excellent towing capacities and offer you a large area for keeping tools and equipment. So, which of these commercial cars for sale would you choose as your work partner?

Benefits of working with a ute

Plumbers and carpenters choose a ute due to their ease of use. The workers usually have to carry long lumber stacks or pipes, which are easier loaded and unloaded from an open bed or rack. If required, carpenters and plumbers also carry loads of heavy pallets using a forklift into the bed of a ute.

For the business owner, drive visibility of a ute while driving around narrow city streets or in fast highways is an important design feature. Further, they also love the choice of gears and the suspension capabilities of a ute.

A modern LDV ute for sale offers excellent fuel economy, which is essential if your business requires you to drive around. If passenger room is vital, a ute boasts of five seats for a family member or an extra worker while still offering excellent hauling and towing capabilities. See more at Brisbane City LDV

Benefits of working with a van

The van is one of the most lucrative and fastest-growing vehicle segments in Australia. The enclosed cargo area of a van brings you two advantages.

First, the space offers theft protection and security, so you are not carrying your valuable tools to each job site worried that someone may break into your car. Second, the cargo area of the van offers the protection of your items from bad weather.

If you are looking for more interior space that is easily accessible, a van for sale QLD owner will point out the organisational and customisation features possible for all your job requirements. These include drawers or shelves that help give order to stocked parts while travelling from one job site to the next. Further, you can reach for items in the back from the driver’s seat, and some models offer you more than 500 cubic feet of cargo volume.

Another reason you would want to consider old or new vans for sale for your business is the comfort. If you need to take daily or weekly long trips, a van offers you with a smooth ride, coupled with easy manoeuvrability and a comfortable drive. Field workers such as caterers, electricians, and florists find that having a van helps them carry their accessories and products without worrying about damage.

What do you choose?

In the end, your decision on whether an LDV van or LDV ute for sale is right for you depends on what you are carrying and how far you are driving. Go to and find fantastic deals on vans and utes.

Post Author: Mayne Upton

Mayne Upton